[time-nuts] Z3801A predicted holdover phase drift convergence

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Mon Aug 1 20:52:00 EDT 2005

Is that a typo: 100-200 us? Check out:


10 us to 1 us or even sub-us is ok. But if it's
really over 100 us something for sure is not
working right. Send me a some plots and we
can work it out. Antenna type; feed cable,
obstructed sky view, signal level, number of
sats in view, surveyed position, etc.


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Subject: [time-nuts] Z3801A predicted holdover phase drift convergence

> Hi!
> I have been monitoring my Z3801A and noticed that the predicted hold over
> time/phase drift (i.e. frequency error) is fluctuating in the 100-200 us
> day range. Am I expecting too much, or should I really expect this to be
> acceptable level?
> Recalculating it to frequency error it would be an initial fractional
> error of 1,157E-9 to 2,315E-9. That is not bad, but I would assumed a
> better without thinking things thru. If somebody done the thinking, please
> enlighten me on the details, I am sure it will make sense.
> Cheers,
> Magnus
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