[time-nuts] Rescuing the Huygens Probe with VLBI

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Thu Aug 4 19:14:21 EDT 2005


Thanks much for the link. I read about the probe
years ago because it had a very clever use for an
USO (ultra stable oscillator).

See also a great set of papers at:

Planetary Probe Atmospheric Entry and Descent Trajectory Analysis and

including these two:

Ultra-Stable Oscillators for Radio Science Investigations on Planetary Entry

VLBI Tracking of the Huygens Probe in the Atmosphere of Titan


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> Since I had posted some information on VLBI here, I thought you might
> find this article about VLBI tracking of the Huygens probe to be
> interesting. This was "my" program until I retired a couple of years ago:
> http://www.rtcmagazine.com/home/article.php?id=100355
> Tom Clark

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