[time-nuts] I am a new guy

Masamichi Tsuchiya 8sdjb at trio.plala.or.jp
Fri Aug 5 06:29:06 EDT 2005

I just joined the list and I would like to introduce myself.

I own several Cs-std includes Agilent/HP5071A/001,
Rb-std HP5061A, FTS1050A/015 and some equipments 
for frequency and time standard that for my hobby.
I operated VLF/LF comparator/receiver RMS1320 and Quartz 
standard FS-323 form 1975, receiving 40kHz JG2AS(JJY) etc, 
those replace Tracor 599K( mainly for 40kHz), Fluke 207-5 
(mainly for 60kHz) and Austron 1250A.
I operated HP5061A in 1989 and learned lot of things for 
continues operation, replaced new oven controller and amplifiers 
for loop from HP, unfortunately this HP5061A had life of CBT in 

Friend of mine and I use special tuned/adjusted Cs-std for digital audio  
for recording, mastering, direct CD cutting, remastering and CD 
transports / players that playing and hearing very fine/good sound 
for jazz, classic music and popular music.(PAT.P.) 
Last month I bought FTS 2110 and adjusted goes to "LOCKING"/ 
tau=100s that still alarm led light on and don't progress second, 
unfortunately I don't have manual for this equipment that is it possible 
to find this operating and service manuals somewhere?
Best regards,

Masamichi Tsuchiya

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