[time-nuts] Network Synchronization

Tom Clark w3iwi at toad.net
Mon Aug 8 12:28:16 EDT 2005

Shaun Doughty asked:

Hello, I am currently looking at GPS as a possible way of synchronising
transmission/reception within a radar network.  I was wondering if anyone
had perhaps previously used GPS to synchronise various locations in this way
(mine will likely be a couple of km apart max) and if there were any
recommended receiver models that might be suitable for this purpose.


   This sound very much like the needs Very Long Baseline Interferometry.
   There are some workshop papers of mine on [1]http://gpstime.com/. Take
   a look at the "Timing for VLBI" material and see if it helps. If you
   want to get more details about the other systems in VLBI, the latest
   "handbook" for Telescope Operators is at
   In line with your specific question about nsec-level synchronization
   over baselines of a few km, take a look at Figure 7 in
   [3]ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI-2002/PTTI_2002_CNS_Testbed.pdf or the
   corresponding presentation material on gpstime.com entitled
   "[4]Critical Evaluation of the Motorola M12+ GPS Timing Receiver vs.
   the Master Clock at the United States Naval Observatory, Washington
   Tom Clark


   1. http://gpstime.com/
   2. http://ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov/meetings/tow2005/notebook.html
   3. ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI-2002/PTTI_2002_CNS_Testbed.pdf
   4. ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI-2002/PTTI_2002_CNS_Testbed.pdf

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