[time-nuts] Austron 2000C

Shaun Merrigan smerriga at compusmart.ab.ca
Wed Aug 10 21:39:56 EDT 2005

As I am away from my day job for a time, I have
had the opportunity to play with a few pieces of 
equipment, including the 2000C.

The 2000C requires somewhat more operator
intervention than the 2100R (joke!!), but it is very
interesting to watch the tracking and locking traces on an 
oscilloscope.  First time though the setup was a bit shaky,
but now I can do it without the manual open :-)

I have not (yet) used a chart recorder to determine the
optimum position of the tracking pulse, relying instead on
my 'scope and my eye. 

To check the stability and reliability of the 2000C, I am 
feeding the 1Mhz phase corrected output of the 2000C into the
reference input of a 2100F. They are fed from the same active
LF antenna via an Austron 2084 splitter. I can receive several
LORAN stations here, but the best one is 82900 Master station
at Havre, MT. It is very strong, night and day.

Shaun Merrigan

smerriga at compus....
53.6044N, 113.4517W
ACME LABS Materials Engineering
"Without Materials, Nothing." -SPM

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