[time-nuts] Austron 2000C

Shaun Merrigan smerriga at compusmart.ab.ca
Fri Aug 12 10:30:18 EDT 2005

Regarding the Austron 2000C setup:

I just finished going through the chart recorder method of
determining the tracking point, and it turns out that I was
correct in my visual determination using the oscilloscope and
sweep rates of 5 and 10 us/division. However, it is much 
easier to see the first cycle of the pulse on the chart
paper than on the 'scope screen. I can see that with higher
background noise, the chart recorder would be better.  Presumably
I could replace the paper chart recorder with a DAQ/PC 
arrangement as well.

Shaun Merrigan

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> I have not (yet) used a chart recorder to determine the
> optimum position of the tracking pulse, relying instead on
> my 'scope and my eye. 

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