[time-nuts] M100 hookup information

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Tue Aug 16 15:27:06 EDT 2005

I am looking for some information on my recently acquired M100. 

The pinouts are labelled on the unit so i have managed to power it up and get lock

I have found out (empirically) that the "lock" signal is an open collector signal, so i now have a lock LED. 

There are 2 analog (lock?) voltages also coming out. What is the maximum voltage from these pins? I want to include a voltmeter to monitor these voltages on the packed module box. What voltage should they be? Midrange?


Dave Robinson

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A  FRK-L or M100, or LPro are good units.  Make sure the buyer throws in 
the I/O connector and a manual.  I beleive the best is the SRS PRS10, it 
cost more, but it has great specs and it has a built in disciplining 
circuit - if it hooked up to a 1 PPS from a timing GPS receiver.

Certain FE5680s should be avoided - some are custom made for the 
cellular industry and they are programmable via DDS.  Nobody has been 
able to supply the RIGHT programing information.  The units are also not 
stock - the pinouts are different then advertised.

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