[time-nuts] Low cost synchronization

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sat Aug 20 18:54:52 EDT 2005

On Sat, 20 Aug 2005, Bill Hawkins wrote:

> Perhaps this is a means to coordinate an attack.

And Mike Ciholas replied,

"Ah, the age of paranoia.  Rest assured, the experiment's purpose 
is as far from that as possible."

Well, no, not so much the age of paranoia as the age of extreme
self-interest and no empathy for others. This leads to too many
liars with public exposure, followed by erosion of trust. When a
salesman says "Trust me ..." these days, it is best to walk away.
Trust is the basis for civilization. It is sad to see it replaced
by paranoid behavior as people learn not to trust other people.

Mike, I've no reason to believe that you are lying, but you have
withheld information. OTOH, if you did tell us the reason for
these ticking key fobs, how would that differ from an email from
someone who's money is trapped in Africa unless I help out? I mean,
besides the fact that you aren't asking for money, although you
could profit. Then too, your client could have misrepresented
their purpose.

I apologize if my creative mind has caused you any distress. It
has caused me some distress as I try to work out what the fobs 
are for. Given the size of your market and the high probability
of some religious or New Age significance, I'll never know until
I see them for sale, if they go public.

Bill Hawkins

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