[time-nuts] Re: Accuracy of a sound card

Alberto di Bene dibene at usa.net
Mon Aug 22 18:45:59 EDT 2005

David Kirkby wrote:

> If your PC has an ISA slot, or you have an older PC with an ISA slot,
> then a GPIB board is not that expensive on eBay. Just save yourself a
> lot of hassle and get one from National Instruments, as they are
> better supported than other makes.

I have an ISA GPIB card collecting dust on a shelf... I just don't have
a PC with an ISA slot... probably I should find one at a ham swap fest...

> PCI GPIB cards are current, and so are *much* more expensive.

I know.... :-(  I checked the NI prices and for such a card they want a
couple hundreds Euros or more...
I am wondering... I know of the existence of USB <=> RS232 adaptors. May
be someone sells also USB <=> GPIB converters ? Nobody knows ?

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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