[time-nuts] Tracor Omega VLF Synthesizer

Bob Voelker pickypicky101 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 12:31:09 EDT 2005

Does anyone have any information on the Tracor 
Omega VLF Synthesizer?  It seems to be some kind 
of a precision frequency and time interval reference
for the Omega navigation system.

Although the Omega navigation system and thus the
Tracor synthesizer are no longer used, it would 
still be fascinating to get a better understanding
of this piece of cold-war electronics history.

Here are more details to help identify the Tracor 
Omega VLF Synthesizer:

-There is no model number on the
 unit, only the part number 142801-0001.
-The serial number is blank.

-It was made around 1985.

-The synthesizer and its power supply each are 
 3-1/2" high, 19" wide white rack panels mounted 
 in one blue carrying case.  The depth of the
 synthesizer and power supply is about 19".
-Eight toggle switches select "Omega
 Format Segment": A, B, C, ..., H.
-Four toggle switches are for
 "Freq Sel (kHz)": 10.2, 13.6, 11-1/3, 11.05. 
-The power supply, labeled "Power Interface", has 
 a round mil-style 15-contact connector 
 labeled "Signal Output".
-There is an Austron 1100 ovenized 5.304 MHz crystal
 oscillator inside.  (Does anyone know the specs for
 the Austron 1100?)
I've seen Tracor frequency references and comparators
before, but nothing like this unit.
Any information would be appreciated.



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