[time-nuts] Looking for HP 10638A Degausser with cable

Masamichi Tsuchiya 8sdjb at trio.plala.or.jp
Tue Aug 30 10:47:19 EDT 2005

Dear NE8S,

I don't have HP10638A, I would like to send you this pin assignment
information from HP5061A manual by off line.
If you make this, please use connector as follows:
Bendix PT06A-14-18P1005

Power Connector for the HP5061A, I have some complete it but I think
please order this MIL spec. connector from some parts dealer in USA
that parts number as following:
Cannon MS3106A-18-22SW and accessories

Standby power supply HP5089A that very hard to find depend on
discontinued products and active use still now, I bought from Agilent in
2002 with 5071A/001 that probably last new one.
Last month, I bought unused Austron 1290A but unfortunately this one
don't have Low Voltage Drop Out Circuits and looks like HP5085A that 
have full set of connectors and please purchase EXT DC input connectors 
as following parts number for the HP5061A:
Cannon MS3106E-14S-5S and accessories

If you requires standby power supply that please purchase unused
Austron 1290A or modified HP5085A for the sealed lead-acid batteries that
please pay attention those don't have low voltage drop out circuits.
If you requires modified procedure for the HP5085A, I would like to contact

Best regards,

                   Tsuchiya  JA2GXU

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Greetings, T & F domainers,

I seek an HP 10638A Degausser plus interconnecting cable. Does anyone have
one to sell?

Also, looking for HP 5061A Power Connector and/or complete assembly.

Are there any HP 5089A's out there for sale?????

Contact: Gar

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