[time-nuts] GPS clock to RT-Linux for pulsar machine

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Sat Jul 2 12:26:04 EDT 2005

You can always crank up the clock rate in a custom application and generate
the 18.2 Hz system timer interrupt yourself, though.  There's nothing
inherent about DOS that prevents you from doing precision timekeeping with

That's not to say it's fun.

-- john, KE5FX

> In message <000b01c57e96$7be31140$4023f304 at computer>, "Tom Van
> Baak" writes:
> >PHK - do you have any anecdotes on how well NTP
> >works under primitive OS's like DOS?
> "not at all"
> DOS timekeeping is restricted to the 18.2Hz i8254 counter and that
> is far to crude for the NTP algorithms.
> A few SNTP tools work and their precision is obviously 18.2Hz...

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