[time-nuts] Re: UTC - A Cautionary Tale

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sun Jul 17 02:46:20 EDT 2005

In message <000a01c58a7e$b2c69bc0$0500a8c0 at darius.domain.actdsltmp>, "Bill Hawk
ins" writes:

>Perhaps some of you didn't understand the paragraph on
>process control systems, or perhaps you are still pondering.

It sounds a lot more like you have no idea what caliber of
people you are talking to Bill.

I have spent 25 years doing all sorts of computing, starting out
with industrial control on a 20 bit transistor computer and over
the years I have been through all sorts of companies doing everything
from invoice generation and 4000/s document procssing systems to
supercomputing and clusters.

You on the other hand are exactly the kind of programmer which makes
me say that leapseconds is the wrong solution because 99% or more
of the worlds programmers, you included, just doesn't grasp the

It takes a lot to elevated to my killfile, but you are preciously
close now.


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