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Dave Carlson dgcarlson at sprynet.com
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You learn something new every day. Since these are the 10811A they are the
first of the model pairs (A/B and D/E) to come out in the 10811 model line.
It is entirely possible that engineering decided to not include the prefix
for those. It's a departure from the standard format for serial numbers from
HP in those days, and I suspect that later the standard format was

After all, without the prefix, it's pretty hard to pin down the general age
of the product and what changes were present.

Dave Carlson

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I've a 10811A with s/n A00591, no prefix, also a A01096, no prefix, and
the label in both units is an original HP one, looking the same as the
labels I've on some 10544As with 1436A prefix. So I think that 10811A
oscillators with no prefix on the serial number are not so strange.


Javier, EA1CRB

lberto di Bene wrote:

>   Dave Carlson wrote:
>I can't say where that strange "A03912" number came from, except that it
>have been a separate asset number added to that oscillator by the previous
>owner or that as a result of a previous repair a new label was generated as
>a replacement and the prefix was not considered relevant.
>   Dave,
>     thanks for your clarification. Looking at the unit, it seems to me
>   that the label with the S/N is the original
>   one placed on the OCXO by the manufatcturer, but of course I could be
>   wrong. This is a photo of the
>   oven oscillator in question.
>   73  Alberto  I2PHD
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