[time-nuts] hp5061A questions

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jun 2 08:35:59 EDT 2005

Dave Carlson wrote:
> I agree with Chuck.
> Also keep in mind that not only does the A4 perform the function of
> matching the internal CBT microwave cavity with the outside world with a
> high degree of temperature compensation, the input side of the A4 used a SRD
> to generate a hash of sidebands from the input 90 MHz, from which one and
> only one sideband was selected. thus the name "Harmonic Generator".
> It's a fascinating piece of machined metal and electronics, and is a
> conversation piece when employed as a paperweight.
> Dave Carlson

Is there any 5061A manual online, or at least a detailed block diagram? I'd be interested to find out 
how these work in a bit more detail, although I have no intension of buying one.

I worked on a step recovery diode during my PhD - a comb in the frequency domain is an impulse in the 
time domain. I made use of the SRD's time-domain properties.

I don't know how big the 5061A manual is (I guess it's not small), and I don't know how many here own 
copies, but I wonder if its practical for a manual to be produced and put online for all to share?

Person A agreeing to scan pages 1-25 from his 5061A manual, person B pages 25-50, person C pages 51-75 
etc. Then no poor sole has the problem I had in scanning the complete 5370B manual, there are no 
carriage costs, yet a manual does become available, without too much effort from any one person.

Just an idea - even if this is not practical with the 5061A, due to size, limited number of copies, or 
the fact it is still supported, it might be practical for other bits of equipment, which nobody would 
want to scan in entiraty, but several could be persuaded to scan part of.

I think I have "done my bit" with the 5370B manual


but since
a) I have software to convert to pdf
b) A server I can allow people to copy files onto.
c) Quite a bit of web space, and
d) Permission from Agilent to distribute manuals for unsupported equipment on the the web, I would not 
mind sticking it all together, even for equipment I have no intension of owning.

However, putting on the BAMA site would no doubt be more useful, as I don't have any intension of 
becoming a repositry for HP manuals.

Just a thought. I think I'll suggest to the maintainer of the BAMA site that he have a page of where 
people would be willing to scan part of a manual

PS, thank you for the kind person in Switzerland who was so pleased to get the HP5370B manual he 
insisted on sending me a bottle of Swiss wine. Just to let you know it arrived OK in England 
yesterday. It has not been drunk yet, but I'll drop you an email when it has.

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