[time-nuts] FW: Agilent rep looking for manuals

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Wed Jun 8 20:32:29 EDT 2005

Forwarded from the HP/Agilent Yahoo group.  Please respond to Dave
Cunningham at dcunningham at agilent.com if you're interested in helping out
with any of these.

I have hosted a copy of his spreadsheet in .html format at:

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Hi, friends.  I've gotten a thumbs-up from Thomas, the group
founder, to begin my manual search here.  With the enthusiasm you've
shown me, there's no time like the present....

This is my initial request for your help in sharing manuals.  Here's
how you can help, and what you can expect from me:

* I've posted a file containing the top 500 products I'd like to
find manuals on.  You'll find the file in the Files area of the

* I'm like you - limited time and limited resources.  I'm most
interested in the top 200 products at first, and PDF files are my
favorite!  ;-)

* If you have a manual or a file, and you'd like to share it:

--Files:  either email them to me at
   dcunningham (at) agilent.com
or tell me how I can find and download the file.

--Hardcopy Manuals:  Email me with details on what you have.

What will I do?  I will review every file and email, and will
determine whether we can use the manual.  I'm doing similar things
within Agilent (yes, we have manuals we've forgotten about lying
around!), so it's possible I'll already have a copy available.  If
what you have is not on this first list, I'd still be excited to
look at it; resource constraints may force me to put off loading it
onto our site until later than the higher-priority products.

I don't have the scanning process complete yet, and I'm also working
to line up resources to load whatever materials we're sent.  That
means I can't promise to load things immediately.  I will commit to
responding to each submitter individually, and I will keep the group
aware of the products we're adding.  I will eventually have a place
on the Agilent website to continue tracking what we've done.

Thanks for embarking on this experiment with me.  I'm not certain
where this will lead us, but I sure enjoy the support and
encouragement you've provided.  So...send those manuals, continue
commenting in the group, and I'll make sure to keep you all updated
on what's happening.

Thanks a ton!

Dave        dcunningham (at) agilent.com
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-- john, KE5FX

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