[time-nuts] Service Manual for 5061B

Glenn Tracy glenn.tracy at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 11 13:18:16 EDT 2005

A little while ago I purchase a HP 5061B. It is serial prefix 2840A and 
has a tube 5061-6101. Apparently it has a problem with the low voltage 
power supply. I have a copy of the service manual for the 5061A and the 
operation manual for the 5061B.

What I am in search of at this point is a copy of the service manual 
covering prefix 2840A. When I get a new toy I like to have the manual so 
I can diagnose what's wrong.

Given the age of the unit I suspect that I may have a shorted 
electrolytic cap in the power supply. Any other suggestions would be 
greatly appreciated.


Glenn Tracy 

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