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Tom -

I think you may be right since I remember the last time you asked a question
about this and I believe I was the only one that replied. Right now it is
not convenient for me to look inside as the 468 is on top of a tall
entertainment center in my office with some other junk on top of it. The
antenna is facing one of the windows. It may be easier for me to look at the
IF coming back down the coax to see if there is RF lock or not. I have a BNC
T on the rear of the 468 so it is easy to connect it to the SA and see the
downlink IF depending on which bird it is locked to. BTW, as I mentioned to
you some years ago the manual does have an error in one of the IF
frequencies. I do not remember if it is the east or the west. I guess it is
of little consequence now. I really like the large displays on the 468 and
would like a similar clock to replace it. Any ideas? - 40 years ago I would
have just built one, now it seems like too much trouble. - Mike

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> Does any one still have a DC-468 that is keeping time and locked on? Mine
> quit ages ago. It is a lot more than 50 ms off. - Thanks - Mike


Maybe you and I are the only ones with GOES
receivers still powered on?

After 30 years the GOES time service officially
went off the air on January 1. But it has been on
and off a few times since then (and with reduced
accuracy). My last signal lock was in April or
May, I think. I stopped logging at that point and
all my receivers have been blinking for a month.

Even if you don't get time lock, do you still get
RF lock and/or data lock on your 468-DC (the
two LED's inside)?

For good reading see :The GOES Time Code
Service, 1974-2004: A Retrospective"


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