[time-nuts] DC-468

kevin-usenet at horizon.com kevin-usenet at horizon.com
Sun Jun 12 01:13:36 EDT 2005

tvb wrote:
> Maybe you and I are the only ones with GOES
> receivers still powered on?

One more.  It's been running for years, and I haven't got around to
digging through the layers of paint to unbolt the antenna.
It's powered on and the internal lock light is still on.

> After 30 years the GOES time service officially
> went off the air on January 1. But it has been on
> and off a few times since then (and with reduced
> accuracy). My last signal lock was in April or
> May, I think.  I stopped logging at that point and
> all my receivers have been blinking for a month.

Similar.  I got lucky earlier this year, but it's been dead for a while.

I'd like to have a non-GPS backup time source, but Ultralink doesn't sell
their nice carrier-tracking WWVB receivers anymore, and the Spectracom
is a bit too rich for my blood.

I do have a TrueTime WWVTR WWV receiver, if I can figure out how to build
an antenna for it.  Unfortunately, south Florida really needs a serious
antenna.  And WWV has a lot more propagation variation than GOES or WWVB.

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