[time-nuts] glossa7 being whiney on eBay...

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Tue Jun 14 19:23:30 EDT 2005

Mike Feher wrote:
> I saw it too, and I even wondered how he knew about this group unless he was
> a list member. Even if some one complained to him about prices or such how
> would he know that they were related to this list. I kind of assumed that
> the complaint was posted on here and he saw it. - Mike
> Mike B. Feher, N4FS
> 89 Arnold Blvd.
> Howell, NJ, 07731
> 732-886-5960

If he typed his own eBay username into Google, which is something many 
probably do, to see what is said about them, he will see the first two 
reference in Japanese (or similar) characters (interesting), but the 
third is a time-nuts reference to the question I asked:

"Re: [time-nuts] What are people paying for Stanford PRS10 rubidium ..."

without even clicking the link, he will see:

"Unfortunately for you, that seller (glossa7) knows what s/he's doing. 
I've bid against him on several items, and he typically bids immediately 
at a"

That is my best guess.

David Kirkby,

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