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Well, since I have not received any replies to my post, I figured I would
reply to it :). Actually I just want to share some more information and
inquire a bit. I figured out that the unit operates on 24 VDC based on the
front panel lights. So far so good. The problem is the connectors. I do not
believe that in my 50 years of being involved in electronics that I have not
seen any like these before, but, I do not believe I have. Of course my
memory is probably getting worse with the years rather than better. On an
initial look the connectors appear to be BNCs, but they are far from it.
Besides having the attributes I described in my initial post I noticed that
instead of having the two typical bayonet type slots like a BNC, these have
three. So, there are three posts on the sides of the sockets requiring three
slots in the plugs. Has any one ever come across any of these? What are they
even called? I really believe that for what I have in mind the isolation
will be of little consequence, so, more than likely I will just change out
the connectors. Again, another project. The nice thing is there is room in
the unit for a power supply and a Rubidium so it will make a nice lab unit.
Still need to check the frequency response as well. Regards - Mike 

Mike B. Feher, N4FS
89 Arnold Blvd.
Howell, NJ, 07731

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I just purchased, and received, the subject Frequency Electronics
distribution amplifier. It has one input and 12 outputs. The intended
frequency of operation is 5 MHz, but I suspect that any frequency selective
devices will be easy enough to change for operation at 10 MHZ. In fact, it
may work well at 10 as it is. I would know by now had the unit been
complete. It appears that part of the unit housed a battery back-up as well
as a power supply. Well, the power supply module is missing. I rather not
reverse engineer the amp, so, I m basically, after this lengthy post, am
asking if any one on here may have some information on the unit. Any help
greatly appreciated. Talking about isolation between output ports regarding
ground loops, I found it interesting that all 12 output ports are
transformer isolated, and, the output BNCs are not grounded. Actually, the
input and output connectors have three connections. There is the typical BNC
style shield which is common to the chassis ground. However, there is
another concentric smaller shield around the center conductor, and it is
between this shield and the center conductor that the signals are intended
to go. Looks like another project, not what I had in mind. The unit is full
of 2N5109 transistors. That brings back great memories as those were one of
the best medium power transistors that I used to use in the early 70's, when
I could get them. Similar to the common 2N3866 but supposed to work to
higher frequencies and boasted linear operation as well. Was used a lot in
CATV amplifiers. Regards - Mike 

Mike B. Feher, N4FS
89 Arnold Blvd.
Howell, NJ, 07731

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