[time-nuts] Warning: HP oscillators on eBay from todoelmondo(Ray Mahoney)

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Mon May 9 17:10:22 EDT 2005

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <427FCB39.3030702 at onetel.net>, David Kirkby writes:
>>I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that there would be a higher probability 
>>of a randomly chosen 10811A being better today than a randomly chosen 
>>10811-60111. I guess the only way to know this is to test a sufficient 
>>number to get statically valid data - something that I doubt few would 
>>have sufficient oscillators to be able to do, and even fewer could be 
>>bothered to do.
> I seriously doubt you will ever get a better and more researched
> answer than:
>>Tom has said he has tested bad 10811A's and good 10811-60111's.

But Tom has not said (to me anyway) if the peformance of the oscillators 
tested is randomly distributed.

I don't currently have the facilities to test the oscillator (as I lack 
sufficient oscillators), so the most obvious thing to do is something I 
am unable to do.

David Kirkby,

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