[time-nuts] Airflow around oscillators.

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sun May 22 16:07:29 EDT 2005

In message <004d01c55f08$9dac0280$0500a8c0 at darius.domain.actdsltmp>, "Bill Hawk
ins" writes:
>Lessee, that's about 5x10E-6, very good for temperature at ambient.
>Some of the remaining 10E-6 or 8 is removed by oven control and the
>rest by the insensitivity of the oscillator to temperature change.
>What is the sensitivity of the oscillator element (not the ovenized
>package) to temperature change? Put another way, how good is the
>oven? What I'm really asking is, do I have to get an old refrigerator
>for 10E-14 or have I got down in the noise where further temperature
>control produces no improvement? For the PRS-10 and 10811, that is.

For the OCXO the drift will overtake you far before that.

For the PRS10 you will be limited by the step-size of the DAC chip
used to set the frequecy. (No use trying to use the analog EFC input,
that just runs into an ADC through the microcontroller and to the

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