[time-nuts] Some HP Journal scans

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Tue Sep 13 17:20:05 EDT 2005

From: <dcunningham at agilent.com>
Subject: RE: [time-nuts] Some HP Journal scans
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 13:51:17 -0600
Message-ID: <053CECF1DD2EFF45A927691C42AFCA55030D156A at wcosmb06.cos.agilent.com>

Dear Dave,

> Thanks, Magnus.  A couple of quick notes for you, and I'll also be posting a
> more comprehensive explanation on the group site in the next few days.
> 1) I can take requests, but that doesn't mean I'll easily be able to find a
> manual if I don't have the file already.  It does give me more reason to look
> for that specific product, which is good.

Which naturally is the intended idea.

>  I also have many files that aren't on the Agilent site, and won't be for a
> while.  I'm building an FTP site where I can post those manuals temporarily
> until I have time to load them onto our site, and that should help.

Indeed! That would be a great solution for the intermediary storage. Available
but with more effort to find them.

>  I'll put everything there, and I'll also have a way for people to send me
> manuals they have.


OK, since I do not read Japanese I would enjoy if you could locate the HP 4329A
operations manual in english. The service manual would also be apprechiated.

Naturally, if you bump into the HP 5372A service manual, that would too be
very nice to have, so I can keep my own and the one at work in trim and
operating condition. They have started to fail on people, and they really
depend on it just as I do.

Then, if you can get it, the HP 4195A service manual, then a much apprechiated
machine could be kept in tune.

All are kind requests, given the limits that naturally exists.

> 2) I did review BAMA and many other sites for the top 200 manuals I was
> looking for.  I don't look there for everything--I just don't have time.  If
> someone finds a manual there, however, and then sends it to me, I'll be happy
> to use it.  That assumes, of course, that the quality is ok....

OK, good. This is more or less what I would like to hear. I have respect for
not having time. Once you have your top 200 harvest, I hope you go deeper down
the list and complement up the list of stuff. It is a really nice effort and it
has impressed me and others.

I think I have some manuals that you still do not have up there, so maybe scan
them on an HP scanner (HP 5370C actually)? ;O)

> 3) Finally, I'd love to help with HP Journal, but like with the 1000s of
> manuals we don't have, I'm time-limited on what I can do even with manuals.
> I can definitely post things like this to the FTP site, and we're just going
> to have to find out together how things work from there.  The more the
> HP_Agilent group and others like them help me, the more I can share--that
> will be a big help!

OK, but as you bump into the material people have, keep them tossed away in a
corner on the FTP at least. My point is that it contains alot of usefull
material and they usually give a different insight than the manuals do.

> Magnus, let me know what manuals you're looking for, and I'll let you know
> what I've got.  Thanks for pushing me to consider more things--I'm glad this
> effort seems to be making a difference for you.

It is, and I try to kindly ask for further improvements which I would enjoy in
hope that I will ask for the benefit of others. That a company take on the
effort of digging up old manuals and put them online for the benefit of users
is an honorable thing which I happend to enjoy and apperchiate. HP/Agilent has
generated a wealth of instruments over the years, which is still in use and
apprechiation. Some of these is mere artifacts which we have around. Some of
these instruments have no real modern replacement. They are apprechiated dead
ends on the instrument development tree. Those we *really* care about.

PS. PROM-images and other firmware/software dumps is good to keep on record in
case things fails and need updates.


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