[time-nuts] For Sale - HP 5061B Cesium

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sun Apr 30 12:13:12 EDT 2006

Joseph Gray wrote:

"I checked with the local UPS store and having them box it, plus shipping
anywhere in the continental US will cost $100 or less. Insurance (assuming
$2000 value) is $89. It can be insured for any amount you want, or not at
all, if you want to take that risk."

Two things come to mind -

1. Has the restriction on shipping c(a)esium gone away?

2. The R-390 class receivers are about the weight of a 5061. I've never
heard anything good from the r390 list about using UPS stores for
anything over 10-20 pounds. There have been disaster stories about the
condition of sets that were shipped by such stores. They don't understand
about double boxing and the ability of an object to settle to the bottom
of a pile of peanuts during shipment. Personally, my best shipping
experience was an R-391 (pickup only, many states away) that I had picked
up, crated and shipped by an air freight company. Cost $150 about 15 years
ago. Would have been more expensive if I hadn't picked it up from the air
freight terminal at the airport.

Well, maybe three things ...

3. Insurance pays the shipper if damage to the package can be proved
quickly by the shippee. It is best to be there and refuse to accept the
shipment if the box is leaking peanuts. Some trust is required for payment.

Bill Hawkins

P.S. Is 20 the right value for beam current, or is it half of normal?

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