[time-nuts] Questions on a salvaged GPS disciplined 10 Mhz osc

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Fri Dec 1 15:07:55 EST 2006

Welcome! I'm new here too, but the people here are most helpful and

There are other guys here that can probably give you a lot better info, but
until they reply I'll try to give my two bits from the info you gave.

First about the static position. Since those units you said were at other
sites, I would assume they would do a self-survey upon power up (and GPS
fix) as opposed to requiring someone to manually program in the position.
Also even if the location changed it should still be able to pickup the
satellite signals.

I'm not familiar with that GPS engine, I just looked it up on their site (
http://www.furunogps.com/GT8031_image.html ), neat little thing. It says
acquisition from cold start in 44.9 seconds. Most GPSes I've seen will give
a proprietary sentence upon power-up, stating the firmware version and other
bits of info. However with it looping like that, maybe something is
connected to it that shouldn't be, causing it to constantly do like a

Maybe you can find some info on the Furuno site about sending a reset or
other command? Some GPSes I've seen (like the Motorola Oncore) start in a
poll only mode, meaning it doesn't give any info until you send commands for
it to do so. So it might just be giving that proprietary sentence once a
second until you request other info?


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