[time-nuts] HP 5345A - Any Experts?

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Thu Dec 7 11:29:15 EST 2006

I got a HP 5345A off eBay, and it is in mint condition. I took the top off
and no dust on the inside or anything, I could hardly believe it.

However, when I went to hookup a signal to the input... Nothing! All the
internal self-tests passed, but those bypass the front inputs. I looked
through the manual for some hint of a fuse or something, but could not find
anything. I also pulled the front display off to check the PCB that the BNC
inputs go into and everything looked okay on them too.

Does anyone know if there is a hidden fuse somewhere that I should check?
Also is there some test points I can check to see if a signal is getting
through the front?

I would rather not have to ship this back since I could probably search
forever and not find one in better physical condition, but if it doesn't
work, it doesn't work...


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