[time-nuts] HP 5345A - Any Experts?

Jose V. Gavila eb5agv at ctv.es
Thu Dec 7 18:02:54 EST 2006

Hello Jason,

Well, I am not a 5345A expert in any way but I have two units and have 
worked on them. I guess your unit has a damaged front end. If so and you 
can return the unit, I think it could be your best option. But all depends 
on how much have you paid for it; if not too much, you could keep it 
(perhaps asking seller for a partial refund) and wait for a suitable 
parts-unit (or just another unit) with a good front end (I got my units at 
eBay for very reasonable prices). BTW, same input unit is also used in the 
HP5370A, so that could be another source for the needed parts (I have also 
two 5370A :-)!)

Good luck!


At 10:29 07/12/2006 -0600, you wrote:

>I got a HP 5345A off eBay, and it is in mint condition. I took the top off
>and no dust on the inside or anything, I could hardly believe it.
>However, when I went to hookup a signal to the input... Nothing! All the
>internal self-tests passed, but those bypass the front inputs. I looked
>through the manual for some hint of a fuse or something, but could not find
>anything. I also pulled the front display off to check the PCB that the BNC
>inputs go into and everything looked okay on them too.
>Does anyone know if there is a hidden fuse somewhere that I should check?
>Also is there some test points I can check to see if a signal is getting
>through the front?
>I would rather not have to ship this back since I could probably search
>forever and not find one in better physical condition, but if it doesn't
>work, it doesn't work...

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