[time-nuts] HP 5345A - Any Experts?

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Thu Dec 7 18:37:23 EST 2006

I thought about that (getting a parts unit), but to be honest I'm no repair
expert and would probably end up doing more damage than good. Another list
member contacted me with some info about what he thought could be wrong, and
I ended up selling it to him since he was interested in it and thinks he can
repair it. I broke even & I'm happy it found a good home. It was in really
nice condition, looked like it came off the assembly line yesterday. Now if
I can only find me another nice counter in the same condition (except with
working inputs of course).


> Hello Jason,
> Well, I am not a 5345A expert in any way but I have two units and have 
> worked on them. I guess your unit has a damaged front end. If so and you 
> can return the unit, I think it could be your best option. But all depends

> on how much have you paid for it; if not too much, you could keep it 
> (perhaps asking seller for a partial refund) and wait for a suitable 
> parts-unit (or just another unit) with a good front end (I got my units at

> eBay for very reasonable prices). BTW, same input unit is also used in the

> HP5370A, so that could be another source for the needed parts (I have also

> two 5370A :-)!)
> Good luck!

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