[time-nuts] Surplus Guidelines, was: Rubidium Standard

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Sun Dec 10 17:20:12 EST 2006

From: Robert_Deliën <robert at delien.nl>
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Surplus Guidelines, was: Rubidium Standard
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 22:12:51 +0100
Message-ID: <D891702134D46242B089F044A1C20CD1025DA6 at deuterium.delien.local>

> > > Isn't it deposited metal from the filament that blackens the glass? 
> > 
> > No.
> > 
> > Therei is no filament.  The Rubidium lamps are excited with a UHF field which is external to the bulb.
> I didn't know that: How interesting! Doesn't it take a greate amount of RF power to excite cold Rb?

No. For instance, on my R&S XSRM it is a fairly basic 100 MHz resonance setup
with a single transistor in the core. It is setup such that the RF coil is also
part of the resonator in a LC based oscillator. It is something like 1 W, which
is also what the literature say.


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