[time-nuts] Time Nuts at PTTI this past week

Tom Clark, K3IO K3IO at verizon.net
Sun Dec 10 22:31:41 EST 2006

   FYI -- the slides from Rick & my paper entitled "Improving the
   Performance of Low Cost GPS Timing Receivers" presented at PTTI are
   now available at [1]http://gpstime.com/   as[2]
   ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI/PTTI_2006.pdf and
   [3]ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI/PTTI_2006.ppt . The PowerPoint file
   is a huge 34 MB in size because of the large number of images with
   lots of data points in them. The pdf version is a more modest ~5 MB,
   but it lacks some of the PPT animation. Sorry they are so big, but hey
   -- we all have infinite inter resources eh.
   The GPSTIME site is also the repository for many of our earlier
   papers. I draw attention to the 2000 IoN "Low-cost..."  and the 2002
   M12+ Evaluation  papers.


   1. http://gpstime.com/
   2. ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI/PTTI_2006.pdf
   3. ftp://ftp.cnssys.com/pub/PTTI/PTTI_2006.ppt

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