[time-nuts] Best GPS 1PPS Accuracy

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Thu Dec 14 17:49:53 EST 2006

> The beauty of a GPSDO is that you're only changing the DAC every few
> minutes so there's plenty of time to look carefully at the quality of
> your 1 Hz samples before you commit the DAC update. 

I think this discussion started with somebody asking about the last few PPS 
signals before the signal quality was declared to be no-good.

My guess is that they might be significantly in error.  That's a systematic 
error rather than a glitch that's easy to filter out.

Has anybody measured this?  I'm thinking of something like setup a GPS unit 
with a poor antenna and record the PPS times relative to a good house 
standard as well as the RS-232 text that has the good/bad flag.  Then eyeball 
the samples around the time the flag changes.

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