[time-nuts] LPRO-101 with Brooks Shera's GPS locking circuit

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Tue Dec 19 14:05:19 EST 2006

Hi Brendan:

It's my take that there are two aspects of the Brooks (no relation) 
design that need to be addressed for optimum operation:
1. the filter time constants of the stock design are not correct for a 
Rb oscillator, and that can be fixed by getting a custom PIC from Brooks.
2. the TIC although suitable for use with the older Motorola GPS 
receivers is not optimum for use with the newer M12+T receivers.  There 
is not a fix for this now, but maybe in 2007.

Keep in mind that this design does work and that the above items relate 
to optimization not bug fixes.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

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Brendan Minish wrote:

>My original Question has sparked off quite an interesting discussion and
>I learnt a lot 
>Since it seems that the Brooks Shera Project is not the optimum way of
>GPS disciplining a Rubidium Oscillator can anyone here point me in the
>direction of other DIY projects (or even ideas) that might yield a
>better result. 
>Brendan EI6IZ 
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