[time-nuts] Ovenaire 10 Mhz oscillator looking for info

Cornell cornell at charter.net
Tue Dec 26 15:38:55 EST 2006

Looking for info, datasheet, or whatever....

Ovenaire-Audio-Carpenter (OAC) Model 84-14 10 Mhz oscillator, s/n 26816-2.
This is a 2" x 2" x 3.25" sealed unit which weighs 11.0 ounces.

The top has two screws marked Freq Adj coarse and fine, and one brass
mounting pillar.

The bottom has six solder pins and a coaxial output, probably for the 10
Mhz, and two brass mounting pillars.

The six solder pins, I assume, are for inner heater, outer heater, and
electronic frequency control, but I am not sure, just guessing.

I got this device from the junk box at the Physics Department of the
University of Nevada, Reno. The engineers there did not know anything about
it, but one seemed to think it came from a piece of Fluke test equipment. I
read also on one of the time sites, that it might have been a substitute for
the 10811. All this is just supposition.

Any info would be appreciated.

Max Cornell KØMC †
cornell at charter.net

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