[time-nuts] RFTG-m-XO disassembly photos

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Wed Dec 27 20:16:02 EST 2006

Very nice pictures!

My RFTG-m-RB was waiting by the back door today when I got home. I *just*
took it apart, and surprise surprise inside is an Efratom LPRO-101 inside...
Not a Freq Elec whatever model, I guess maybe it must be a different
revision or something?

The boards inside look nearly the same as the XO model. Except where the
OCXO was, the LPRO sits. Also the GPS isn't there, but there are the solder
points, and a few other components are missing around where the antenna port
should be. I wonder if a GPS was added in if it would work. Once I get a 24V
supply I'm going to probe the GPS header to see if it has power.

On another note, I finally got a reply from those people that are selling
all those units on eBay. She said they have the chassis and cables and
everything too. She's supposed to take some pictures and get info for me,
I'll pass along whatever info comes in. If the price is right it might be
easier just to get a complete package than to try and southern engineer it.

My camera is at the office, otherwise I would have taken pictures. I'll do
it first thing tomorrow if nobody else puts some up before then.


> My RFTG-m-XO arrived today, and the first thing I had to do was rip it
> apart.  I've put a series of pictures of the thing in various stages of
> disassembly at http://www.febo.com/time-freq/hardware/Lucent_GPSDO/.
> The pictures are full resolution so you should be able to zoom in to
> look at circuit details if you'd like.
> When my -Rb arrives, I'll add pictures of it, as well.
> I'm planning to repackage both units into a 19 inch rack chassis, so the
> disassembly is toward a good end...
> John

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