[time-nuts] T&F Equipment

Erik Kroon ejkroon at hetnet.nl
Thu Dec 28 07:49:20 EST 2006

Hello Time Nuts,

For private matters I will stop my hobby at the frequency field.

I think to sell my instruments if any is interested,

I can put it on ebay or sell direct. The equipment I have is;

HP5061 (not working HV 2.5 kV defective condition of the high

Performance tube is unknown), Tracor Rubidium 305D, Tracor 895A

Phase comparator, HP 3570B Interval counter +HPIB, SR620 Interval counter,

HP3545 counter,Marconi 2305 High Pref. Modulation meter, Marconi 2019 signal

Generator,Marconi 2440 20 GHz counter, Leitch CSD5300 Master Clock, 

Yokogawa  AG1200 ARB Generator, Yokogawa DL5140 500MHz 4ch digital

Oscilloscope. B&K 2033 High resolution signal analyser. 

I think above instruments could be used for frequency measurements.

If interested please contact me a pe1rqf at amsat.org 

I will still working on the T&F field for my work using CS clocks
and TWSTFT transfer. You can't beat it at home.


Best regards,

Erik Kroon

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