[time-nuts] FMT

Connie Marshall k5cm at azalea.net
Thu Dec 28 15:25:39 EST 2006

Here are the W1AW FMT Numbers I just received from Joe, NJ1Q (W1AW Station
160m - 1854317.5 Hz
80m   - 3587117.5
40m  -  7038804.9 Hz

My copy of W1AW:
160M  1854317.77 Hz
  80M  3587117.95 Hz
  40M  7038806.03 Hz
I missed the 40m W1AW frequency by 1 Hz for some reason Hmmmmmm...... I will
go back and replay my audio file and see if I made a math mistake some

My copy of WA6ZTY
40M - 7028351.545 Hz


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