[time-nuts] New pics of RFTG-m-Rb, and some comparison details

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sun Dec 31 21:45:26 EST 2006

The two units go in (what was told to me) an open frame chassis, it has SMA
and I believe DB-15 connections along the top. The connections on the
chassis split the signals even more, presumably for routing to the rest of
the cell.


I was able to contact the guy that owns that unit, but his XO was hit by
lighting a while back and it's currently out of action, so he wasn't able to
give me info on any signaling, just the cable pinouts.

I would assume you could use the XO by itself, since it has the GPS. Then
optionally connect the Rb for longer holdover. From what I was told, on
initial power up the XO is the primary until the Rb warms up, then it
switches to the primary and the XO LED changes to standby.


P.S. Happy New Year Everyone!

> So, if we have two sources of 15 MHz in a CDMA minicell, each with
> its own SMA connector, what module receives those two sources and
> decides which one to use?
> Why use XO and Rb when either could be made redundant for extended
> reliability? (not the British sense of "made redundant")
> Bill Hawkins

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