[time-nuts] New pics of RFTG-m-Rb, and some comparison details

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sun Dec 31 21:51:18 EST 2006

The RFG-XO doesn't have a GPS unit in it. It has a 10 MHz in, and of course
the 15 MHz out. It also only has three DB9 connection, the 24V, interface,
and alarm.... It is missing the RS-485/1PPS connection.

Similar the RFG-RB doesn't have the RS-485/1PPS connection.

> I just got an RFG-RB which seems to be a few years newer than the
> RFTG-m-RB's. In that one, I can't find any connection to the LPRO Rb
> module, in it, that could cause it to be disciplined. The one I have
> seems to be stipped down from the RFTG-m-RB. The main board is much
> simpler but seems to have the same basic circuitry for 15 MHz
> generation.

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