[time-nuts] Help - Hope?

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Mon Jan 2 08:14:03 EST 2006

From: Rex <rexa at sonic.net>
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] Help - Hope?
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 04:53:29 -0800
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Thanks for the kind words.

> But tonight, I'm thinking about the state of the world, in general.
> This is a private, and limited mailing list, but its members seem to
> reflect what I see on public newsgroups. The majority of contributions
> seem to be by older people. John is young by most of these standards.
> Popular folklore says that the internet is populated with young people.
> So my question:
> Are the younger people no longer attracted to the basic questions of
> science and engineering, or am I just missing the messages from young
> people for some reason?

Define younger. Do they need to be 18-20 years or do olders farts like me (i'm
34) count in as younger?

But to answer your question, younger people is still attracted and there is
still plenty of people having the right mind for these things around. They are
just dispersed alot more than they used to. There is still people that *WANT*
to pick up the knowledge of how to use the soldering iron, eager to learn the
magics of electronics and other sciences. They may seek this in other forums
than we oldies (well, relative oldies then) did, but in the end, they usually
get around to it. I'm not all that worried, rather the opposite, they are
starting to react. Whenever I bump into someone, I toss them in the general
right direction, trying to help them not only learning the skills, but also
learning the places where to suck up knowledge and make it a regular habbit.
It takes some time, but all of a sudden they bloome and it is a joy to see.
If you have something sensible to say, there are people there to listen.

> I know this mailing list is not typical, but I don't see younger people
> anywhere I go to share knowledge. Wish they were there. 

The archives are public. This is how it is done today, kiddies search through
Google. Add some knowledge on Wikipedia and you have set the trap for them to
step into.


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