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Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Jan 2 15:07:56 EST 2006

In message <C792CA8F-37DE-4173-9821-BF929EAC50B9 at noao.edu>, Rob Seaman writes:
>=A1Felices fiestas y un pr=F3spero a=F1o nuevo!

>...on the other hand, no black box can be truly opaque and remain  
>operational.  "Things", [...] cannot ultimately be  
>hidden from view.  "Seeing how they work" doesn't have to be  
>restricted to disassembly and visual inspection.

That is true for a person of sufficient dedication, just like
swimming the Channel is possible for a suitably dedicated person.

But what we're after here is not people psyked and trained to cross
the Channel, we're talking about how to interest kids in going into
cold water, dressed in practically nothing and spend time to learn
to swim.

The main difference between technology and swimming however, is
that the wares we peddle seldom offer glimpses of female anatomy
in even skimpier clothing.

Kids interest in how the world works peaks at age 7-12, and if you
have to teach them disassembly before you can satisfy their curiosity,
the technological world is in deep trouble indeed.

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