[time-nuts] GPS receiver replacements for UT+

Charles S. Osborne cosborne at pari.edu
Thu Jan 5 10:13:05 EST 2006

Reradiating the GPS antenna signal for isolation is an interesting idea. I
had not considered it. I had a Trimble Scout handheld GPS that used that
method to couple in a magnet mounted car rooftop GPS antenna signal into the
built in antenna inside the handheld. It used a little clip on reradiating

Wish the Trimble Scout was still alive. It had an excellent well thought out
feature set in software. It's display gradually quit working and Trimble
considered it obsolete and unreparable when I asked six or seven years ago.
I saw one of those units in a GPS historical display in the Smithsonian
museum in Washington. That's when you know your technology is becoming
dated. Hi!

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> "Charles S. Osborne" <cosborne at pari.edu> writes:
> > If this has come up before, I must have missed it. Frequent lightning
> > in summer keeps me in the hunt for these boards. Even with lightning
> > protection on the coaxes the EMP still gets a few every year.
> Ever tried a reradiating antenna to further separate the GPS from the
> dangerous outside? Does such a solution have any technical drawbacks
> wrt timing accuracy?
> It might not be cheaper than to buy a new lowcost oem receiver board,
> but if you want to protect hard to replace units it could be a
> solution.
> I have only used the "professional" type of kits like found here,
>         http://www.navtechgps.com/supply/rerad.asp
> I know there is also a lower end market for use inside cars and the
> like,
>         http://www.prairie.mb.ca/tri_m.htm
> -- 
>     Björn

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