[time-nuts] Leap second data: Garmin 18-LVC, GPSClock 200

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Fri Jan 13 05:01:34 EST 2006

As documented, the Garmin 18-LVC transmitted a duplicate second at 00:00:00.

The GPSClock 200 reported a duplicate second at 23:59:51.

Markus Kuhn announced a program on the ntp newsgroup.  It logged system time 
from gettimeofday vs the TSC counter (ticks off the CPU clock).

  A NetBSD system stalled the clock for a second starting at 00:00:00.5.
  Two Linux boxes set the clock back a second at 23:59:60.

The log files for the GPS clocks are a bit interesting since they are using 
"time" from gettimeofday (on the NetBSD box) in the log files.  Sort of like 
graphing things the right way then pushing the edges ot the paper toward the 
center so the second in the middle gets scrunched to nothing.

graphs and log files are here:

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