[time-nuts] List of time synchronization hardware and software

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Tue Jan 17 13:50:19 EST 2006

> I think a new Caesium-beam cascade is *MUCH* cheaper.

Can somebody give me a lesson on this area?  Is there a good web page that 
answers questions like these?

What does a Caesium/Rubidium box cost?  Any reason to prefer one or the other?

What sort of lifetime do they have and/or how much care/fiddling do they take?

Do they need any calibration or tuning or setup magic, or do I just plug them 
in and get a known frequency out?

Does it make sense for a non-wizard to get something from ebay and if so, 
what do I look for?  Any obvious models/manufacturers to look for and/or 

Any used-gear places have them at reasonable prices?

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