[time-nuts] FRS-C manual this is available from ebay seller ID "accelium"

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Hello There

RE: FRS-C manual, 

This is available from Ebay seller ID "accelium"
Who sells lots of High End Frequency and Time Equipment.
And their service is good 

Best Regards

Philip Davies


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   1. Re: FRS-C schematic/manual information request from a
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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 07:56:58 -0400
From: mike c <mcrescim at cc.ysu.edu>
Subject: Re: [time-nuts] FRS-C schematic/manual information request
	from a timenuts newbie
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Your colleagues took good care of me...thanks for the follow up anyways. 
peace, -mike

Brian Kirby wrote:

>Since a couple of folks posted/hosted...the manuals...that should do it.
>If you need anything else...let us know....
>mike c wrote:
>>    I didn't know how to send this message just to Brian K. or George M,
>>pardon me if you are all getting this.  After searching the archives, they
>>may be most able to help me
>>    I'm Mike C at YSU physics.  I would like to  find  information on the
>>pinout (or schematic, if possible) for the physics package of an old 
>>FRS-C. In particular, the connector consists of a coax to the microwave
>>diode and row of 10 pins. Thanks so much for your trouble...it will save
>>student much time and agravation studying the tiny PC boards...-mike
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>time-nuts mailing list
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