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John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Fri Nov 10 13:30:34 EST 2006

Are you working on a portable 10-GHz ham rig, or is this part of a a fixed
installation?  IMO, GPS clocks are a much better solution for most people
than surplus rubidium standards that may require calibration and lamp
replacement.  Unless you actually need portability, you might look for an HP
Z3801 or similar GPS-stabilized quartz standard.  Pricing will probably be
about the same as rubidium, or cheaper.

Also, make sure you really need the long-term stability of rubidium to begin
with.  If you multiply a HP 10811 OCXO to 10 GHz and leave it running, it
will typically drift less than 1 Hz per day.  Some people carry high-grade
OCXOs in styrofoam coolers stuffed with insulation and sealed lead-acid
batteries to serve as portable standards.  At home, the "cooler" is left
running on AC power.

-- john, KE5FX

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> Hi,
> I'm a new list member.  I'm also very new to timing and synchronization.
> I am looking for a standard to lock a 10 GHz gunnplexer to.  I am
> an amateur experimenter and by necessity must do things
> inexpensively.  I am looking at a Symmetricon rubidium atomic
> clock standard on ebay now.  The seller has no documentation at
> all.  His only info is it's manufactured by Symmtricom.  There
> are three leads, but no idea about the pin out or hook up.
> Ebay # 290046924781
> Any assistance or link would be most appreciated.
> Thank You,
> Rick

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