[time-nuts] Clash of the Time Lords

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Fri Nov 17 22:40:06 EST 2006

Harper's magazine arrived today with a December date. It is
almost always a treat, from the Index to Findings. This time
it includes Michelle Stacey's "Clash of the Time Lords"

This is a brief history of time with emphasis on the fate of
leap seconds. It is non-technical - USNO's clocks are compared
to filing cabinets, Boulder's to refrigerators. But it covers
the ground thoroughly, laying bare the difference between the
proponents of mechanized time and the proponents of human time.
The awful upset from Julian to Gregorian calendars is covered.

Disclaimer: I don't know Michelle and I only subscribe to
Harper's, for as long as I can remember (at 68, that is not
necessarily very long).

Rob Seaman is quoted extensively. Poul-Henning Kamp is not.
Perhaps she had no budget for overseas interviews.

Bill Hawkins

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