[time-nuts] Re : Difference between these two oscillator boards? (Jack Hudler)

Marc Bury marc_bury at yahoo.fr
Thu Nov 30 16:41:11 EST 2006

Hello group.

At least one question I can answer !
Both boards correspond to the A3 board for an HP 5328A counter.
A3 is used for OCXO (option 10.)

Board 1 is the A3 board for military versions of the 5328A: the AN-USM 459.
It has extra controls for voltage and fine frequency adjust (multiturn pot)

Board 2 is the A3 board for the regular 5328A, it is described in the 05328-90011 PDF available from the Agilent website. It is supposed to drive a 10544A, but I have a 5328A with a 10811 connected to it and running OK.

Hope this helps.


> I was hoping someone here could tell me the difference between these two
> boards (aside from their physical dimensions are different - I can see
> that).

> I know they are used in conjunction with the HP 10544A / 10811 boards when
> inside certain equipment. Is one just a newer revision? Is one better than
> the other? I can find plenty of info on the oscillators, but zilch on the
> adapter boards.

> http://www.rabel.org/pics/10544A/Board_1.jpg
> http://www.rabel.org/pics/10544A/Board_2.jpg



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