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This was sent before, but never seemed to get to the  

> It is interesting to look in the front of the International  
> Critical Tables, an encyclopedic set of books containing detailed  
> scientific information about 1920. Every nation, (hundreds of them)  
> had their own units which were used in commerce and trade.  
> Unfortunately the only access on the net to these tables is blocked  
> by a pay barrier.
> Their are now very few nations hanging out for their own units.
> The story I heard about the inch/metre relationship was that during  
> WW2 there were problems making spare parts for aeroplane engines to  
> specification, and it was discovered that the French had supplied a  
> replica standard metre to the bureau of standards of each major  
> country and that these could be quickly used to standardise  
> engineering measurements. My version said that 25.400000000000 mm  
> per inch was the accepted relationship.
> Clocks were made in Napoleons time with ten hour dials with one  
> hundred minutes.
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> Neville Michie
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