[time-nuts] Standards for units

Palfreyman, Jim L Jim.Palfreyman at team.telstra.com
Tue Apr 3 19:27:58 EDT 2007

Are there actually US people on this list who actually continue to
advocate the use of non-metric units in their country? Speak up!

Well the USA ever go metric?

As an Australian, why would I care, you may ask? 

Well because of the dominance of the US market, some things can be sold
here using imperial units. My biggest beef is televisions. Some (mainly
CRTs) are sold in cm. Others (plasmas and LCDs) are marketed in inches.
You walk into a shop and you a greeted with dual units. It is terrible!

The key to making metric work is to completely chuck out the use of
non-metric units. Having to convert is the hard bit. We've been metric
for 35 years and still having to convert from inches to cm because of
the United States is so annoying!

I find it hard to understand why a country as advanced as the US sticks
with such an antiquated system. I don't get it.

Jim Palfreyman

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